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We make investing in renewable energy accessible

PowerGold revolutionizes green energy investment with the power of blockchain. By using tokenization, PowerGold makes renewable energy investment transparent and accessible to all.

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Our Mission
The sustainability challenges our society faces require the involvement of us all.
But investing in energy has historically been reserved to professional investors, with high barriers to entry and little transparency. This creates distance between individuals and the allocation of resources towards sustainability.
By tokenizing our investment, we make it accessible to all, closing the gap within our society and giving the opportunity to everyone to participate in the efforts to sustainability.
How does it work
PowerGold is a regulated entity in EU and commits to comply with any upcoming regulation, ensuring security and compliance to its investors.
PowerGold raises funds through the sale of its token ENP.
PowerGold purchases renewable energy facilities and sell the energy production on the market.
A portion of the profits is used to purchase more energy facilities, while the other is re-injected in the token, providing value to its investors.
Our renewable energy product strategy
The renewable energy sector offers various types of facilities, from solar farms to offshore and onshore wind turbines.
PowerGold will start its journey with the acquisition of solar farms, as they are more accessible and require less maintenance, but as the company grows, there are numerous assets that will be unlocked and that provides more yield opportunities.
Digital access to real opportunity
Enp Token
PowerGold acquires renewable energy facilities across Europe and sell the energy production on the market.
The generated revenue is redistributed to token holders through the buy back and burn of the ENP token.
The buy back and burn mechanism means that PowerGold uses part of its profits to buy ENP tokens from the market and remove them from circulation. Since the supply of ENP is fixed at creation, this mechanism reduces its total supply and hence increases its intrinsic value.Read the whitepaper
Token Allocation
Glow token alloc
We believe in a fair and transparent token allocation model that ensures long-term sustainability and shared benefits among all stakeholders.
Investment Plan
Development team
Private Sale
Public Sale
Liquidity & AMM
Marketing & Advisors
Future development
How to participate
Private Sales
We're currently conducting private sales with investors. If you are interested, please get in touch with our team and we will follow up with all necessary information.
The token price for private sales is $0.75
25% discount from the public sales price of $1
Public sales
The ENP token will be available for purchase through the PowerGold app. You will be able to get preferential prices by choosing your lockup period.
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Track your investment
The PowerGold app gives you all the tools to monitor your investment.
Track your portfolio in real time
Get access to all company reports and financial results
Access discounts through promotional sales
Read the latest news about the company and the industry
Transparency at heart
With transparency as one of its core value, PowerGold will behave as a public company, publishing all reports it produces. From financial results to general assembly reports, you'll get full access to the inner working of the company.
See company documents
Fairly launched token with limited supply.
The PowerGold team is made up of seasoned professionals in the energy sector, with deep knowledge in renewable energy.
Laurențiu Udrescu
Co-founder and CEO
Florin Danilov
Co-founder and CTO
Gelu Maravela
Stelios Sava
Olivia Popescu
Marketing Advisor
Our tech partners
Aurora Labs is the development company behind Aurora — the EVM blockchain that runs on the NEAR Protocol. They are also developers and integration partner of Aurora Cloud — a suite of products that allow Web2 companies to capture the value of Web3.
Meet Aurora Labs team
We Are Regulated
PowerGold is a regulated entity in EU and commits to comply with any upcoming regulation, ensuring security and compliance to its investors.
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